Great Eastern Quays - London

  • LocationGreat Eastern Quays - London
  • In Partnership withGalliford Try
  • Completed2020
  • Photography By:Robert Greshoff

Commissioned in 2013 the Great Eastern Quays were part of the massive redevelopment of the London docks providing 1,800 flats, commercial buildings and offices.

The design of the buildings was sympathetic to the warehouses, taking account of its heritage with a contemporary twist. Residents are able to enjoy architectural diversity in an urban setting overlooking the water.

Working closely with Taylor Maxwell, the client Notting Hill Genesis, and the main contractor Vistry Partnerships. Three bricks were chosen, Autrique, Zola and Bembridge Antique providing each building a unique look with distinct identities.

The Zola and the Bembridge Antique bricks were selected to recreate the traditional facade, and the Autrique was laid in an innovative manner, with feature brick panels being stack bonded both vertically and horizontally. The stacked bricks around the windows are contained within recessed panels, which creates a shadow line across the buildings facade to break up the elevations.

Check out the stunning images of the Great Eastern Quays below!