Introduction to the TBS Brick Slip range


Traditional Brick & Stone are proud to have supplied many award winning projects around the UK with our range of facing bricks, many of which can be seen on our Case Study Page. In addition to the success of TBS, we have now launched TBS Cladding Solutions, a specialist brick cutting facility with the capacity to stock over 1.5 million brick slips from over 40 different types!

What is a brick slip?

A brick slip, also known as a brick tile is a thin layer of brick, often a brick cut in half that is adhered to a wall.


What are brick slips used for?

We have seen many different settings in which brick tiles are utilised including feature walls, kitchen splash backs, fireplaces, bathrooms, exterior cladding systems and more.  

Below this article are some images of our brick slips in action!


What are the benefits of Brick Slips?

The first obvious benefit is they look good! and a can make a real difference to the look your home.  Bricks are also a breathable non-combustible material that can be reclaimed so the environmental impact of the brick tiles are negligible.

Applying Brick Slips are a quick way to change the whole  feel of a room without the cost, hassle and mess of constructing a brand new wall.


Are Brick Slips Easy to Fit?

The good news is brick slips can be fitted by most people, even those with limited DIY Skills as it is basically the same process as tiling a wall.


Do Brick Slips need Aftercare?

Our facing bricks are all F2 rated and have been used for external projects for many years meaning they are constantly exposed to the Great British weather, so we are confident in saying they require very little maintenance! At most a brick slip would require a dust down and potentially to be sealed using a commonly available sealant.


Images of Brick Slips

We are fortunate to have been sent some fantastic images of our brick slips that have made an incredible difference to many dwellings across the UK, see some of them in the image gallery below.

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