New Wirecut Facing Brick Range From Traditional Brick and Stone


We have an exciting new range of Wirecut products, many of these bricks have ex-stock availability!

Traditional Brick & Stone are always looking at updating our product portfolio to be able to move with the trends and continue to offer our customers as many facing brick options as possible.

The below Wirecut bricks offer a diverse range of colours from the light cream options of the Oxford Smooth Cream to the dark red textures of the Maubray and the Ramecroix, these bricks have already proved popular for housebuilders, self-build projects and in construction for commercial properties.  

For those after the "retro" look, we are introducing the Hemmingstone Antique brick.  This tumbled brick was recently chosen to match a building dating back over 100 years on a project close to our brick sales office in Stafford.  You can read about this project on our case study page.

Wirecut bricks, also known as extruded are manufactured to the same principle as soft mud but to a stiffer mix. When making extruded bricks, the clay is pushed through a die to form a column in which perforations are formed as the clay is extruded.

When the bricks have been extruded, textures and sands are applied to create different finishes on the faces and headers of the bricks, they are then cut by a wire oversized to allow for shrinkage during the drying process.

Brick samples are available on request, and feel free to follow our social media channels for up to date images of these bricks as they are introduced to sites across the UK.

Please contact your local area sales representative for more information.

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